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WE ARE WHAT WE EAT: the wisdom that carries this affirmation is undoubted, due to the fact that EVERY SPECIES HAS A BODY THAT EXPECTS A CERTAIN FOOD  


The Latins also said it:

Mens Sana in Corpore Sano ” -> for the PSYCHO-PHYSICAL WELL-BEING OF THE ORGANISM it is not only the act of eating itself that is important, but above all WHAT YOU EAT.

POWER SUPPLY affects the level:

- physicist

- psycho-physical

- behavioral

Cane che dà il cinque


The effects of a FOOD DISPENSE are manifested above all on the EMOTIONAL ASPECTS of the dog, resulting in conditions of apathy , or, on the contrary, excitability , to the point of provoking real manifestations of irritability .

  Furthermore, when it comes to proper nutrition , it is essential to take particular care of the FOOD RITE  himself, making sure that the dog has the opportunity to eat quietly , without being disturbed or frightened during this important moment.

barf reico.jpeg

But what is meant by APPROPRIATE POWER

The best choice we can make for our dogs is to follow a home or BARF diet , well structured thanks to the indications of a nutritionist veterinarian .  so as not to incur nutritional deficiencies / excesses and by choosing meat from healthy animals , of which we are sure of origin and which are therefore lived in freedom and without the use of antibiotics / steroids .

However, we know that sometimes following this type of diet is not always possible!  


We are often in a hurry and we can't even cook for ourselves and when we go away or on vacation , it's not always easy to get organized !


In these cases the industrialist can be of help!

But be careful when choosing!

However, we must be sure of the quality of the products used and that the food we will give at each meal is really suitable for a carnivore such as our dog!

Il pelo, come l'odore pesante o meno, oppure le orecchie sporche o no, dipendono infatti da una sana e corretta alimentazione (come per noi)..

Se i mangimi utilizzati contengono materie prime di bassa qualità (come derivati di carne, o "carne" sotto-forma di farine/proteine - che quindi di vero, non c'è niente) e i metodi di lavorazione sono ad alte temperature, è logico che sarà necessario aggiungere di sintesi, quindi chimicamente, tutti i valori nutrizionali come vitamine, oligoelementi, etc .che si sono persi durante la lavorazione.


Dermatiti come lacrimazioni, parassitosi, etc, anche loro dipendono dall' alimentazione, e sono solo uno dei tanti modi che l'organismo ha di espellere tossine presenti all'interno dell'intestino.

A healthy and strong immune system ,
it depends on a healthy and strong intestine and the latter
it depends on a Species Appropriate Nutrition

So what needs to be done

  to ensure your dog's health and well-being even if you use industrial food ?


The key points are:

  • Origin of ingredients (the most important point for a guarantee of quality)

  • Composition appropriate to the species (pay attention to the ingredients used)

  • Processing of the raw material (in this phase the nutritional properties of the food can be destroyed or preserved)

The advice is especially useful for those who use ready-made food since during the meeting you have the opportunity to have the label of the product you use analyzed.

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