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You are looking for someone to look after your dog while  you are on holiday
why do you bother leaving him alone at the hotel?

It doesn't matter what situation you have  

but the solution you are looking for.

The Dogs' Wild Sister is the first professional Dog-Sitting service since 2017 in Alta Valtellina, created by me, Giada Piumatti (Dog Educator with a cognitive-relational approach).


Thanks to my working method, I guarantee an empathic / playful approach that allows the dog to be calm and happy even in your absence.


It will be as if you were taking care of your dog yourself!

It will be followed in a loving way but with professionalism

who have dealt with over 300 cases just like yours!


Would you ever leave your best friend in a boarding house,

away from you,

when you could take it on vacation

and, if necessary, take advantage of this service?

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