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Dog-Trekking (Educational) with 6 legs

Sharing environments and activities, between man and dog, a relaxing and fun way to experience nature and free time together.


They are walks (individual or group) in a natural environment, intended for all owners who want to treat themselves to new experiences with their dog. From simple walks in the woods to real excursions.


Each path thus becomes an opportunity for deep connection between people and dogs, transforming the walk into a profoundly educational experience.

Dogs can share smells, interests, spaces, making acquaintances free from leashes and tensions, through a silent communication, made up of markings, proxemics, looks.  


Each walk thus becomes a great opportunity to get to know your friend and his whole world better. We will improve in this way  our relationship and we will learn to listen and understand what he will have to say to us.


Dogs with behavioral problems or canette in estrus cannot participate in the activity.



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